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6 Africans on trial for snatching Dhs190,000 from Dubai bank customer


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

An African gang of eight members was arrested and prosecuted by the Dubai Public Prosecution on robbery charges. The gang had mugged an Asian bank customer of Dhs190,000 in Dubai.

The case dates back to January of 2020, when the 69-year-old investor, the victim, had filed a robbery report claiming to be robbed by two of the gang members after withdrawing the cash and leaving the bank’s branch.

Apparently, the gang commits robberies by targeting bank clients and choosing their victims carefully.

“I was withdrawing money to pay for my company’s employees when the gang had attacked and robbed me,” the victim said.

The victim was attacked right in front of his vehicle, and was punched and restrained by two defendants. They snatched the money envelope and fled the scene.

The police were alerted after the incident and an investigation was immediately carried out to identify and nab the robbers.

Not so long after, the police teams placed two members under arrest, who helped lead police to the other six gang members.

All the six members of the gang confessed to their crime and are now facing robbery charges. A maximum jail-sentence is expected for the gang members as a deserved punishment for committing robbery.

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