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UAE emerges stronger after extraordinary resilience during pandemic, says Sheikh Mohammed


Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter


His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai said that the COVID-19 pandemic summoned extraordinary resilience across the world despite having caused unprecedented disruptions to people's lives.



Mohammed added that the UAE’s fight against the pandemic has particularly been a story of strength, fortitude, and endurance. "We have been tested in our ability to deal with this unforeseen situation, but we have emerged from it tougher.


"In many ways, the UAE has proved to be one of the best-prepared countries to deal with this pandemic. Not only have we effectively safeguarded the health and wellbeing of citizens and residents, but we have also weathered the economic impact of the crisis.


 “The investments we made over the last few decades to create a world-leading infrastructure, thanks to the vision of our founding fathers, combined with our robust institutions and public services, have enabled us to counter the COVID-19 challenge."


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What has been truly remarkable, Sheikh Mohammed continued, is the way "all stakeholders in our society and economy have come together to mobilise the efforts and resources needed to combat the pandemic. The joint efforts of the public and private sectors in mounting a strong healthcare response are one of the examples of this spirit of solidarity."


Consistent with this spirit, the Dubai government has placed a high priority on extending support measures to businesses to ensure the short-term impact of the pandemic does not translate into long-term challenges, he added.


"Going ahead, we continue to remain committed to helping all sectors in recovering on a solid footing. Amidst the pandemic, our model for finding solutions to challenges has been marked by cooperation, humanitarian values, and rapid action.


“The response of Dubai’s aviation and logistics industry leaders to the disruption caused by COVID-19 is a key example of our nation’s ability to rise to the challenge in these testing times. Working unitedly, they have been quick to use their global capabilities not only to facilitate the rapid distribution of vaccines in the country but also send relief and humanitarian aid to developing nations."


Underlining its essential economic role, Mohammed said the "Emirates Group actively contributes to Dubai’s economic success and is central to our future growth and prosperity. I am confident the Group will continue its role as a world-leading organisation shaping the future of global aviation, while also furthering the UAE’s vision and aspirations."


Concluding, Sheikh Mohammed shed light on the nation's Golden Jubilee and the impressive milestones achieved recently: "The UAE will mark 50 years of nationhood in December 2021. Growing from a modest regional trading post to a nation that sent the Arab world’s first space mission to Mars, the UAE’s development has been truly extraordinary. I look forward to our country achieving greater successes and accelerating our progress on the ambitious path set by our founding leaders. Their vision to drive human advancement and create a better world for future generations continues to inspire us."

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