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Biden says ‘very good’ talks with Turkish president


Tayyip Erdogan rises from his chair to fist bump Joe Biden during a plenary session at a Nato summit in Brussels on Monday. Reuters

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says Turkey would expect "diplomatic, logistical and financial” assistance from the United States if it's to maintain a presence in Afghanistan following the withdrawal of Nato troops.

Turkey is reported to have offered to operate and protect Kabul’s international airport after the departure of the Nato force.


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Erdogan did not say if an agreement was reached on the issue but said Turkey wanted Pakistan and Hungary to be involved in a possible new mission.

Erdogan-BidenmeetingJoe Biden and Tayyip Erdogan attend a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the Nato summit in Brussels. Reuters

The Turkish leader also said he had a constructive meeting with US President Joe Biden on the sidelines of the Nato ummit and has invited him to visit to Turkey. Biden said he had a heavy schedule but could pay a visit, according to Erdogan.

Erdogan signaled that the two leaders failed to find a way to overcome differences over Turkey’s purchase of the S-400 advanced Russian missile defense systems. The US says the technology is a threat to Nato and has removed Turkey from its F-35 fighter jet program.

"Our thoughts on the S-400 are the same as before, I relayed our same thoughts to Mr. Biden,” Erdogan said.

Erdogan also called for an end to US support to Syrian Kurdish militia, which Turkey considers to be "terrorists” affiliated to a Kurdish insurgency.

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