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Sharjah Police intensify awareness for drivers on tyre safety


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The General Command of Sharjah Police, represented by the Traffic and Patrols Department, has intensified field awareness to check the safety of vehicle tyres during the summer period in order to avoid accidents.

Captain Fahd Al Balushi, Director of the External Roads Branch, said that the field awareness aims to educate drivers about the importance of the safety required for vehicles.

He discussed several important aspects, including the dangers of tyre blowout caused by high temperature, especially during the summer.

He also shared tips on what motorists should do to maintain safety of tyres to avoid accidents and checking the condition of new tires before buying.

He highlighted the importance of educating the public about the shelf life of tyres — the fact that their maximum age is from two to three years, including the temperature it bears, and the appropriate load.

Fahd stressed the necessity of carrying a periodic checkup of the tyres, and the air pressure in them, so they may see the first signs of their damage, which may affect the ability of tyre friction on the road, leading to further damage or even a burst tyre, and the need to become familiar with the culture of tyre validity.

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