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Dhs500 fine for vehicle’s tyre with cracks in Abu Dhabi


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

As part of the “Summer-Safe Traffic” campaign, the Abu Dhabi Police have called on drivers to check tyres of their vehicles and to make sure that they have no damages or cracks that could cause serious traffic accidents, particularly during the summer period because of high temperatures.

The police have also advised drivers to use the products that conform to the specifications, in terms of suitability, size, the temperature they can withstand, the maximum load, year of manufacture, and their durability for long trips.

The Traffic and Patrols Directorate confirmed the intensification of traffic control and the application of the law to ensure roads safety, as the Article 82 of the Federal Traffic Law, states that invalidity of vehicle’s tyres attracts a fine of Dhs500 and 4 traffic points, along with impounding the vehicle for a week.

Last year, as part of its ‘Safe Traffic Summer Campaign’, Abu Dhabi Police, ADP, urged drivers to urgently check the tyres of their vehicles to ensure they were safe and undamaged.

This will help in sticking to safe driving without any problems and avoiding terrible accidents during summer resulting from quite high temperatures.

Lt. Colonel Mohammed Salem Al Shehhi, Chief of the Traffic Control Section at the ADP Traffic and Patrols Directorate, urged drivers to use tyres that comply with standard specifications.

He also pointed out that there were several key reasons why accidents took place during the hot summer season.

These include the use of old tyres, too much or too little air pressure, being overloaded and frequent use.

He stressed that traffic was being monitored and the law will be applied against violators, under the framework of the strategic priority to make roads safer.

Al Shehhi noted that the ADP is proactively launching the campaign on social media and other media outlets to promote traffic safety and prevent accidents.

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