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SEHA's smoking cessation programme helps over 4,300 people quit smoking

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Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), the UAE’s largest healthcare network, has provided support to over 4,300 people who wanted to quit smoking.

These many people enrolled from the start of 2019 to-date in SEHA’s smoking cessation initiative and recent success rate among those enrolled in the programme is between 55 and 60 percent, double the global rate of 30 percent.

In line with World No Tobacco Day, observed annually on 31st May, SEHA reiterated its commitment to supporting smokers quit the habit through the specially designed programme, available at Baniyas Healthcare Centre, Al Bateen Healthcare Centre, Madinat Khalifa Healthcare Centre, Al Muwaiji Healthcare Centre, Oud Al Tawbah Diagnostic and Screening Centre, and Al Jahili Healthcare Centre.

Dr. Bushra Al Ghailani, Family Medicine Specialist at Baniyas Healthcare Centre, said, "World No Tobacco Day serves as a reminder to the community of the harms of smoking, with a special message that quitting is not impossible. Today is the perfect opportunity for members of the community who smoke to make the decision to quit, seeking support from healthcare professionals and their loved ones as they embark on the journey to better health."

Dr. Osama Ibrahim, Family Medicine Consultant at Al Bateen Healthcare Centre, said, "The key to successfully refraining from smoking is persistence, determination, and strong will. Participants must first be entirely devoted to quitting, only then can the programme truly be beneficial. It is also important for participants to channel their energy elsewhere, for example by exercising or starting a new hobby."


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