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Asian gets 3 years in jail for attempted murder


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced an Asian worker to three years in jail to be followed by deportation after being convicted of attempting to kill his colleague.

The case dates back to last August when the perpetrator, 38, attempted to kill his colleague with a knife inside his room in a labour housing.

The victim said in the public prosecution interrogations that as he was a senior worker, he was assigned by his company to tell 22 other workers to get prepared for travel to their respective countries.

As his name was not included in the list, the perpetrator objected to the list because his mother was sick and he needed to visit her. The victim tried to explain his position to the perpetrator and to tell him that he could talk with the management so that he could travel.

The perpetrator, however, came the following day and stabbed the victim several times.

A witness testified in the public prosecution interrogations that the perpetrator told him that his mother had died but was asking him where he could find the victim. The witness told the perpetrator that the victim was asleep in his room.

An hour later, he heard a quarrel outside the room and the perpetrator was found to have stabbed his colleague.

Separately, the Dubai Criminal Court heard a case in which two Gulf citizens were accused of stealing the wallet of an Asian businessman after attempting to assault him, when he stopped his luxury vehicle in a public parking lot.

The wallet contained Dhs7,000 and personal documents and an ATM card.

The case dates back to last December when the businessman, 34, filed a complaint that he had been robbed under duress.

The complainant testified that one of the perpetrators asked him to get off his vehicle, which was in a public parking lot late at night. When he refused to comply with his request, the complainant was surprised by the second perpetrator opening the vehicle door and threatening him with a knife.

The second perpetrator tried to punch him several times but the victim managed to avoid them.

In the meantime, the second perpetrator noticed the presence of a wallet in the door of the vehicle, so he snatched it and both the perpetrators fled the scene. The first perpetrator confessed that he was driving his father’s car with the second perpetrator when they saw a luxury vehicle in which the victim was sitting with a woman.

They parked their car next to the victim’s vehicle and the first perpetrator requested to speak to the owner of the vehicle while the second opened the vehicle’s door, assaulted the victim and stole his wallet, which contained Dhs7,000 in addition to documents and an ATM card.

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