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Arab man stabbed to death in Dubai foodstuff store over money dispute


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Sumaia Saad, Staff Reporter

An Arab man killed his friend in a store in Freej Al Murar in Dubai over a small amount of money.

Brigadier Dr Tariq Tahlak, Director of Naif Police Station, revealed that while combing the assembly area in Fareej Al Murar in Naif, he noticed an unusual movement and overcrowding inside a store for selling foodstuffs. He stopped the patrol and entered the store to find an injured person lying on the ground and another furious man with a knife in his hand.

As soon as it arrived in the store, the ambulance found the lying man had already been dead, while the support patrol arrested the perpetrator who was in a state of extreme fury.

Meanwhile, the policemen closed the other doors and exits because the perpetrator posed a great danger to those around him and was trying to hit everyone around him even the policemen, who did everything in their power to bring him under control and arrest him.

Preliminary investigations showed that the Arab victim, 29, died immediately after being stabbed several times by the perpetrator, 32, with a sharp object last Friday morning, Tahlak said.

The perpetrator, who was extremely furious over a dispute with the victim, did not find anything inside the store but a knife to stab the victim in various parts of his body, he added.

Colonel Omar Musa Ashour, Deputy Director of Naif Police Station, said a report was received by the Operations Room on Friday and a team of criminal investigations and forensic experts as well as the forensic doctor and prosecutor rushed to the store.

Both the victim and perpetrator were found to have come to the store to buy some stuffs but a quarrel erupted between them, he added, noting that it seemed that the victim insulted the perpetrator’s mother and this led the perpetrator to be extremely furious and to stab him repeatedly.

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