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Two drivers jailed, fined Dhs21,000 for misusing company’s taxi in Dubai


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced two drivers, one of whom works for the Dubai Taxi Corporation, to 6 months in jail for using the corporation's taxi vehicle for their own interest, seizing Dhs21,000, and impersonating.

They will be deported from the country after serving their sentences,

The case dates back to the time, when an RTA inspector spotted a traffic violation by a Dubai Taxi Corporation vehicle.

The vehicle was driven by a driver other than the driver assigned by the company.

The investigator at the Driver Relations Department of the Dubai Taxi Corporation testified that he continued the investigation with a driver who was caught driving a taxi dangerously, while he was under the influence of alcohol.

It was discovered that he was not the driver assigned to drive that taxi vehicle when he presented the other driver’s card.

The investigator stated that the second convict, a former driver at the corporation whose services were terminated in 2018, admitted that the card belonged to his the first convict colleague who works for the corporation.

The second convict admitted that two months ago he was receiving the taxi vehicle from the first convict, after the latter’s work instead of handing it over to the corporation, and using it for their own.

The first convict was contacted by phone, to know his relationship with the incident, and he replied that he had been robbed.

He tried to convince the corporation that he did not handed over the vehicle after the end of his work to the other convict.

But, he later confessed to handing it over to the convict to help him, as he was working on the vehicle without operating the meter, after agreeing with passengers on the fare.

They admitted in the prosecution's investigations, to using a vehicle belonging to the Corporation for two months, and to earning Dhs21,000 from that.

The second also admitted, using the first convict’s card, driving the vehicle recklessly under the influence of alcohol.

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