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3 Asians forge lease contract, defraud woman of Dhs7,000 in Dubai


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court looked into the case of 3 Asians, one of whom is a fugitive, who are facing charges of forging a lease contract and defrauding a 31-year-old Asian woman of Dhs7,000.

The case dates back to April this year when the suspects cheated the victim through Facebook and convinced her that they had an apartment for rent with the specifications she wanted.

According to the victim, she searched for an apartment for rent on Facebook and saw an ad about an apartment which fitted into her budget, so she contacted the person who put the advertisement and set a date to visit the apartment.

When she arrived at the place, she found the first and second suspects waiting for her.

They accompanied her to the apartment where the first suspect asked her for Dhs250 as rental fees and Dhs7,000, the rent value.

He then handed her a receipt for the amount and a lease contract which turned out to be fake when she went to attest it.

The victim called the suspects but they shut down their phones, so she filed a report stating that she was defrauded by two Asians.

According to the case papers, the two suspects were arrested and, on being interrogated, they confessed to their crime, conniving with a third fugitive who planned it.

The court ordered them to be remanded in custody pending prosecution.

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