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Regular testing must to detect new virus variants, UAE residents told

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With the detection of new genetic mutations in COVID-19 components in more than one country around the world, authorities in UAE have recommended regular testing.

Official during the weekly briefing on coronavirus situation in the UAE on Tuesday said that it is important to do the tests if symptoms persist even with negative results.

"There is no doubt that community members, government, private and community institutions have an important role to play in enhancing the success of the efforts made. That occurs by adhering to the procedures and instructions issued by the concerned authorities to control the virus and contribute to accelerating the recovery phase," said official during the briefing.

The official urged everyone to get vaccinated and support the national recovery efforts.

The official said that the the best way to achieve immunity and go through the recovery stage is immunisation of the community by taking the vaccine.

"Today, more than one type of COVID-19 vaccine is available in the country, and they are highly effective in limiting the spread of the virus. These vaccines contain inactive or weak parts of the organism that causes the disease, or the genetic code that would create the same response and stimulate the immune system," official said.

"Vaccines help the body's immune system to recognise a foreign object and to produce antibodies to learn how to fight it. Increasing the number of vaccines administered contributes to reaching community immunity and limiting the spread of the virus. We recommend the eligible members of the society to take the initiative to take the COVID-19 vaccine," official concluded.

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