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VIDEO: Mysterious road explosion leaves four wounded in Wuhan

A videograb shows the road where the incident took place.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

In a horrific video that surfaced online, a road violently erupted following a suspected sewer gas explosion in Wuhan, leaving four persons wounded.

The traffic cameras captured the incident that took place on May 20. 

The video went viral after being shared on Chinese social media platforms.

A suspected methane explosion caused a road to erupt underneath workers and passers-by.

In the footage, a streak of fire suddenly erupted from the manhole and reaches several feet above the road surface, at the intersection.

The asphalt beneath their feet begins to bulge and bursts open just as they turn around and large cracks appear in the grounds from which gas appears to escape.

Pedestrians walking along the road scurried, trying to save their lives after the powerful explosion.

Witnesses who hear the eruption turn and run the other way. The nearby e-bike rider has his back turned to the explosion and is unable to respond in time as the road beneath his feet violently erupts and throws him clean off his vehicle.

The rider flies headlong toward the ground as the road settles once more and blast debris falls from the sky.

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