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6 salons shut for violating safety rules in Dubai


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Somaiya Saad, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Municipality confirmed that it would not disregard fining and punishing any establishment that does not adhere to the procedures and measures in force in the emirate. Any violation that is detected inside any establishment will lead to its closure, particularly salons and beauty centres, in order to achieve the desired goals of the measures in force to protect the community from the corona pandemic.

This came after the closure of six salons on Wednesday due to non-compliance with precautionary and preventive measures

The Dubai Municipality closed six salons for non-compliance with the precautionary measures in force in the emirate during 2,346 inspection visits that were carried out by its inspectors to establishments operating in the emirate.

They fined four establishments and warned other seven, while the total compliance of the establishments visited reached 99 per cent. The number of establishments that were found meeting the requirements and measures of public safety reached 2,329 establishments, the municipality said.

The Dubai Municipality will continue its intensive inspection campaigns to ensure the extent of compliance of all establishments, institutions and activities with preventive measures.

Non-compliant entities will face penalties in accordance with the laws and legislations issued in this regard, in order to enhance the protection of the health of all members of society.

The Dubai Municipality indicated that all salons that were closed did not comply with the requirements, such as wearing masks and medical gloves by employees and clients, in addition to non-compliance with receiving customers by appointments to request the service, to ensure public health and safety for all, and failing to sterilize salons or centres permanently.

The municipality also stressed the need for compliance with health requirements at establishments and activities, such as massage and relaxation centres, gyms and other activities in the emirate. These must fully comply with preventive measures and all precautionary measures, and instructions for preventing COVID-19, the Municipality said. 

Furthermore, the municipality inspector’s check, during their monitoring visits, the daily follow-up records of the workers health, sterilisation and disinfection operations, in addition to ensuring that food safety requirements are met during receipt, preparation and storage, in addition to their display at healthy temperatures, with the application of hygiene and sterilisation procedures.

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