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Know all about the groups exempted from vaccination in the UAE


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

In coordination with the Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee, Department of health has approved seven groups to be exempt from vaccination, to ensure the safety of everyone who receives the vaccine and in accordance with approved standards by international medical bodies.

Exempt groups are active COVID-19 patients, participants in vaccine clinical trials, pregnant women, recipients of a vaccine outside the country, and former COVID-19 patients following medical evaluation.

The exempt groups also include those who have previously had severe allergies to vaccines or components of vaccines, and those who have diseases that may be incompatible with the vaccine following medical evaluation.

To receive an official exemption, visit an authorised medical centre in Abu Dhabi for medical evaluation. The centre will submit a report to DoH for approval, which will inform the applicant of the decision via text message. An approval will be reflected on Alhosn app.

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