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Salesman jailed for forging documents in Dubai


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

A 29-year-old Asian salesman was apprehended by police and prosecuted on forgery charges, for manipulating with official documents to issue SIM cards under victim’s name in Dubai.

Official court records point out that the defendant, who worked for a telecommunication company, had abused the authority given to him and used a customer’s ID to issue three SIM cards.

The sneaky defendant had previously registered his own fingerprint while processing the victim’s application to issue the first SIM card which he is now using.

The victim found out about the scam when he was visiting the telecommunication company and was informed by an employee that four numbers were registered under his name.

He was advised to report the incident to police, and by doing so, the victim recalled requesting a phone service that was never activated, in which he encountered with the defendant who asked for an ID copy to carry out the request.

Investigations teams examined the defendant’s fingerprints on the ID and he confessed to committing forgery to issue and use the SIM cards for his advantage.

A maximum legal punishment is expected for the defendant due to his actions.

54 RUNAWAY HOUSEKEEPERS ARRESTED:  Dubai Police have arrested 54 runaway housekeepers during Ramadan of 2021.

Community members, especially families, were warned by Colonel Ali Salem, Director of Infiltrators Department at Dubai Police, against hiring runaway maids as they could pose a serious risk to society.

“As part of a campaign, 54 runaway maids of different nationalities were arrested by Dubai Police since the beginning of Ramadan. There is an increase in domestic workers violating the law during this time,” Col Salem said.

Moreover, he stated that domestic workers can cause serious risks as some use fake names at work for families on a hourly basis. Such violators usually seek their way into new homes without legal documents, thus violating the laws and regulations for hiring this category of workers.

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