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Products containing carcinogen stuff banned


Iman Abdullah, Staff Reporter

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has decided to withdraw any herbal products that contain a carcinogen called “Acorus Calamus”, in addition to suspending their registration and prohibiting their import.

The Ministry has notified all health authorities in the country to take the necessary measures regarding it.

In its circular, the MoHAP has identified 8 medicinal products registered with it, containing that substance, and they will be included in the decision to withdraw. Their trade names are Caspa Drops, Dabur PILOchek Tablets, Evanova Tablets, M2 Tone syrup, Mentat syrup, PHYT Cough Syrup and UPMood Capsules.

The MoHAP recommended suspending the registration of the aforementioned products, and demanded the manufacturer to withdraw them from the public and private sectors. It also demanded that all health care practitioners not dispense or prescribe any product containing the “Acorus Calamus” substance.

The Ministry of Health and Prevention called on all pharmacies to stop dispensing the above-mentioned products, and to contact the Ministry via its smart application UAE Radar in the event of any side effects occurred to any person.

ABOUT ‘ACORUS CALAMUS’: A plant with many names, but the most famous of which is “aromatic reed” or “Indian pen”. It is used in traditional medicine to treat digestive troubles including ulcers, gastritis, flatulence, stomach upset and loss of appetite. Calamus is also used as a sedative and treatment medicine (Rheumatoid arthritis) and stroke.

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