Dubai Police warn against hiring illegal domestic workers, nab 54 - GulfToday

Dubai Police warn against hiring illegal domestic workers, nab 54


Some of the illegal workers nabbed by Dubai Police.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Police General Command has warned members of the public, especially families, against hiring illegal domestic workers who as they could pose a serious risk to society.

Colonel Ali Salem, Director of the Department of Infiltrators at Dubai Police, said they have arrested 54 domestic workers of different nationalities for working illegally in the emirate as a part of a campaign carried out by the General Department of Criminal Investigation against all types of violators.

He also urged the public to immediately report illegal domestic worker to authorities and help preserve the security and stability of society.

Colonel Salem said Dubai Police’s crackdown on violators continues throughout the year, and it is intensified during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

“Illegal domestic workers can pose a security risk to society and those dealing with them.”

“They seek jobs at different households and get paid hourly so they make a lot of money in a short period of time,” he added.

According to Colonel Salem, such violators usually seek their way into new homes under fake names and without legal documents, thus violating the laws and regulations for hiring this category of workers.

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