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Boy tortured to death by his employers when he demanded his wage


A picture of Saleh Tamer Ali provided to media by his family.

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A 14-year-old boy, Saleh Tamer Ali, was killed after allegedly tortured by a worker and three owners of a poultry slaughterhouse, where the boy was working.

In 'Mit Suhail' village of Minya Al Qamh, Sharquiya governorate, Egypt, the perpetrators reportedly tortured the boy by beating and burning until he died, Egypt’s local media said.

Saleh was orphan, as his father died 7 years ago, and he was living with his aunts and uncles moving between their houses.

Abdulmajeed Ali, Saleh’s aunt’s husband, told media that he had received a news that the Al Sa`dyeyen Central Hospital had received the body of boy transferred by two owners of the poultry slaughterhouse, where he was working.

“I went to the morgue to recognise the body, which bore burn and bruises marks. We learned later from the forensic doctor that the burn marks on his body were just couple of hours old. He was bruised because of the beating, meaning the child was subjected to a torture and burned just two hours ago,” Abdulmajeed added.

Egypt-tortur-boy-kin-750x450Relatives of Saleh Tamer Ali speak to media.

He continued, “We learned that two brothers from the owners of the poultry slaughterhouse for which Saleh was working took him to a pharmacy in the village in an attempt to help him, claiming that they found him lying on the road in this case.”

The pharmacist told them that he would not be able to help him and that he must be transferred to the hospital.

At the Sa’adyeyen Central Hospital, a doctor who was on duty found him dead.

The effects of burns and bruises in his body indicate the existence of a criminal suspicion, so he asked to book the two persons who transported him, but one of them escaped, while the other was held and handed over to the police.

He added, “We filed a report accusing 3 owners of the slaughterhouse of killing the boy.”

“It was said that the child was asking for his daily wages, so they beat him, which caused his death,” Abdulmajeed added.

"The child had been working in the slaughterhouse for about 7 or 9 months, and throughout that period the child did not complain about anything, but we were surprised by his death in this brutal way, where he was beaten and tortured to death," the man told “Al Watan”.

The investigation officers were able to arrest two of the suspects, while the security teams are intensifying their efforts to arrest two others, including the main suspect, who fled.

The Public Prosecution also ordered the detention of two suspects and the speedy arrest of the other two.

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