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Motorists face Dhs2,000 fine for parking at Abu Dhabi bus stops


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The  Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) of the Department of Municipalities and Transport has urged the public not to park their vehicles at bus stops or any other areas that are dedicated for public means of transport as it may cause accidents and hamper movement of buses.

The Abu Dhabi authority emphasised that it will intensify field inspections as well as install cameras to detect driver’s wrong practices in which will result in a fine of Dhs2,000 for entering or occupying a prohibited area for public means of transport or its infrastructure.

As a part of it keenness to maintain the traffic safety and improve the quality of services ITC has launched an awareness campaign to make drivers understand the danger involved in illegal parking or parking in prohibited areas.

Motorists are especially advised not to park in the side stops that are dedicated for buses while picking up and dropping off passengers.

This action would negatively impact the traffic flow and the safety of road users.

ITC calls upon drivers to comply with the rules and use parking spaces in dedicated areas responsibly especially when picking up or dropping off passengers at all times to ensure the safety of all and not to block the traffic.

Drivers who use the side bus stops to pick-up or drop-off passengers randomly would endanger the public, disrupt the traffic flow, because the buses to run late make bus trips longer and distort the overall look of the city.

In the following phase, ITC will cooperate with its stakeholders to monitor and detect any private vehicles or taxis that use the side bus stops in order to prevent the risks it may result in and ensure the safety of public bus users.

ITC pointed out that parking in prohibited areas is an illegal action that endangers others and adversely affect the dedicated efforts to improve the quality of services in this sector.

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