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Reducing working hours by two hours daily during Ramadan is mandatory: Ministry


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation stressed the need for private sector companies and establishments to abide by its decisions and circulars and reduce the working hours of their employees by two hours per day during the month of Ramadan in line with the circular recently issued by the Nasser Al Hamli, Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation. Private sector companies and establishments should also pay for overtime hours as agreed between employees and employers, the ministry said.  

In its response to a complaint filed by the employees of a retail company, which ordered them to work full time for more than 10 hours and refused to reduce working hours during Ramadan or pay for overtime hours, the ministry said this was an illegal procedure.

A company official warned the employees against filing a complaint to this effect to the authorities concerned but the ministry said an investigation was initiated into the complaint so that the necessary measures would be taken against offenders.

The ministry emphasised that establishments are given an opportunity to benefit from the employee's services under the paid overtime system by means of a direct agreement between the two parties. In the event of a breach of the agreement, the employee can submit an official complaint to the ministry through dedicated channels that allow confidential submission of complaints through the ministry’s app and website, the ministry added.

Earlier, the ministry issued a circular on working during Ramadan, which stipulated that the normal working hours in all UAE private sector establishments be reduced by two hours per day in implementation of Federal Law No. 8 for 1980 regulating labor relations.

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