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Mental state instrumental in selection of particular food


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Mariecar Jara-Puyod, Senior Reporter

Mental and emotional health and wellness have been discovered to dictate food and drinks trends at least in the next 18 months or until mid-2022.

The pulse was deciphered by seven multi-ethnic food and drinks experts in various locations who analysed consumer behaviour from 35 countries that include Thailand, Nigeria, Mexico, Australia, France, the Philippines, South Africa, Colombia, India, Canada and Spain during the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) 2020, for the “Global Food and Drinks Trends 2021” of Mintel.

Mintel is a leading marketing intelligence company whose Middle East headquarters is in Dubai and recently interviewed, regional Business Development manager Dr. James Wilson said the research was pursued as “the events of 2020 caused a fundamental reset in human behaviour.” Management wanted to know how everyone has been coping and navigating through the crisis with food and drinks being an indispensable need. They also want to help direct food and drinks industry players provide global consumer demands.

Aside from food and drinks that help promote mental and emotional well-being which may inspire creativity, emotionally-engaging multi-sensory products, and psychologically-focused approaches to the entire health spectrum, the 23-page study underscored how people have re-defined quality, as they have learnt to value fraternity or togetherness through the food table.

The researchers-authors wrote: “When it comes to value, pandemic-shocked consumers are seeking a return to what is essential. Consumers are now focused on minimal consumption and the best returns from their purchases.”

They noted that people now opt for “time-saving, hygienic, and adventurous convenience food, drinks and food service.” The researchers-authors saw how the pandemic has strengthened more the saying “no man is an island” and that sense or need for belongingness lies deep within each one no matter how some deny: “Recognising the importance of connection and support, consumers will organise in like-minded communities for socialisation and camaraderie.”

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