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Groom marries his mother’s daughter in China


This video frame shows a Chinese mother (left) with tears discovers that her son’s bride is her long-lost daughter.

Agha Riaz, Gulf Today

A Chinese mother, in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, discovered that her son’s bride is her long-lost daughter from a “birthmark” by the girl’s hand.

The mother was left in tears following the incident at her son’s wedding on March 31. After seeing a birthmark on the hand of the bride, the mother was shocked and recalled her daughter having a similar one.


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It was not the only surprise in the wedding ceremony, where the marriage was held because the mother adopted her son, the groom, after searching in vain for her daughter lost for 20 years.

According to Chinese media, the woman said that she had adopted a boy after losing all hopes of finding her missing daughter. After trying to locate her daughter for years, she had finally given up hope.

Reportedly, the woman was able to get to know her daughter, who separated from her years ago, by means of the birthmark, and the woman asked the bride to ask her parents whether they had adopted her for years, and the parents were surprised by the question before saying that they adopted the child after they found her on the side of the road.

After hearing the story, the bride burst into tears, describing the moment of meeting her biological mother as "happier than the wedding day itself."

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