Karachi sizzles at 44˚C, the hottest April day since 1947 - GulfToday

Karachi sizzles at 44˚C, the hottest April day since 1947


A Pakistani volunteer showers a man with water during a heatwave in Karachi.

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Karachiites experienced record-breaking heat on Saturday as for the first time after the creation of Pakistan on Aug.14, 1947, the temperature soared to 44˚C in the metropolitan city.

According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department, the last time the temperature had touched 44˚C in the city was way back on April 16, 1947 when it had shot up to 44.4˚C.

The intense heat in the Sindh capital as well as in other coastal areas of the province is being attributed to a break in the sea breeze.  Streets and even main roads are mostly deserted as the heatwave is keeping the people indoors.

Health experts have advised people to avoid going out of their homes unnecessarily, wear thin clothes and increase water intake as much as possible.  The minimum temperature recorded in the city early on Saturday morning was 23˚C.

Similarly, parts of interior Sindh are also experiencing high temperatures these days as the maximum temperature recorded in Nawabshah on Saturday afternoon was 41˚C.

Intense heat kept traffic mostly off the roads while people also increased the consumption of soft drinks and juices to beat the heat.

On the other hand, the temperature in Lahore has also started to slowly rise, with a minimum temperature of 14˚C being recorded.

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