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Oman based Indian expat Antony wins Dhs2 million in Mahzooz draw


Antony poses for a photograph.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Omani resident and Indian expat Antony took home the massive second tier rollover prize of Dhs2 million (2,000,000) in the 18th weekly live ‘Mahzooz' draw.

The 39-year-old lab technician was the only participant to match five out of six numbers, making him Mahzooz’s 4th millionaire this year.

“It was incredible. When I got the email, I just couldn’t believe it,” said Antony. “I never thought that I would get this kind of money in my lifetime.”

Originally from the Cochin area of Kerala, Antony has lived in Oman for the past 16 years. He has been a regular participant in Mahzooz from day one but has never had a big win, until now.

“From the very first time I read about Mahzooz in the newspaper, I was interested. I have gotten three numbers and won Dhs35 a few times but never thought something this big would come my way,” said the Keralite.

Despite having dealt with some financial problems due to the pandemic, Antony plans to spread his winnings around.

“I am a good man and I plan to do good with this money, both for my family and for my community,” said Antony. “I have some bank loans I want to close but after that, I want to give money to people back in India.”

Now that luck has shone on him, Antony is ready to try and pay it forward.

“Everyone has been coming up to me and asking about Mahzooz so I’ve been helping them register and showing them how to participate. I feel blessed and am very grateful to Mahzooz,” concluded Antony.

The second (5/6) prize of Dhs 1,000,000 was doubled to Dhs 2,000,000 as it went unclaimed in the 17th draw which took place on 20th March. In accordance with the Rules of Mahzooz, it was rolled over to the 18th draw which was organised on 27th March.

The first prize of Dhs50 million is waiting to be won and will once again be up for grabs in the draw this coming Saturday 3rd April 2021 at 9:00pm UAE time. Mahzooz is inclusive to all who are eligible.

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