Husband slashes wife’s face over family dispute in Egypt, tries to ‘throw her into the sea’ - GulfToday

Husband slashes wife’s face over family dispute in Egypt, tries to ‘throw her into the sea’


A combo image shows Israa Emad before the attack on her in Alexandria.

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In a bone-chilling incident, a husband slashed his wife’s face and tried to stab her in the chest over a family dispute in Egypt.

The incident has shocked Egyptians and prompted authorities to look into domestic violence laws.

Israa Emad went to reconcile with her husband at his mother's house following marital disputes between them.

The woman’s story spread on social media, where she received a lot of commiseration after her story came to light.

According to Egyptian local media, the 19-year-old woman, who is currently lying on her bed with severe wounds in her mother's house in Alexandria governorate, recounted the details of the incident, saying, “Despite the problems and disagreements that exist between us, I decided to go to him for the sake of our son… I went to his mother's house for reconciliation.”

Egypt-Israa Injured Israa speaks to media from her residence in Alexandria.

The wife added, “Unfortunately, I was surprised by his reaction during my admonition of him. He beat me, used a penknife and slashed my face, and tried to stab me in the chest. I fell down unconscious.”

She continued, saying: “I did not feel myself except when I was in the taxi with him and his brother. They thought that I was dead, and when I told him that I was still alive, he told me that he would go to the nearest hospital, on condition that I would not recognise him.”

The girl said that her husband's mother was the one who asked him not to take her to the hospital, for fear of any retaliatory action against them.

Israa said, “The mother asked him to wrap me in a sheet and throw me into the sea, or under the wall of my family's house.”

The girl added, “When I was asked at the hospital about the cause of the injury, I told them that my husband was the cause, so the police then arrested him after a report from the hospital.”

The Egyptian Public Prosecution ordered the husband's imprisonment and arrest and ordered the brother and mother to be detained.

The Prosecution also decided to summon witnesses to hear their statements, and directed the police to search for cameras and CCTV footage of the incident in the neighbourhood.

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