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VIDEO: Mother bear's struggle to manage four naughty cubs on busy road moves human parents


A videograb shows mother bear carrying one of her cubs across the road.

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It is always difficult for a mother to manage more than one toddler at a time so imagine the plight of a mother managing four little ones all at one time and that too on a busy road.

And remember a mother is a mother whether human or animal and all go through same trials and tribulations when it comes to deal with naughty ones and that too four at a time.

Recently a mother bear was caught on video trying to coax four of her rambunctious cubs across a busy Connecticut road has parents across the internet nodding in sympathy.

Hundreds of people responded to a 4-minute video of the bear's struggles on the Winchester Police Department's Facebook page.

Other videos of the bears also circulated online.

"I never had four but I still can relate! So glad the cars waited for them,” wrote one mother from Sedona, Arizona.

"The trials and tribulations of all mothers. Poor Momma!” wrote another woman.

Bear-2A videograb shows mother bear struggling to make her cubs cross the road.

The video taken on Sunday shows the bear trying several times to get the cubs safely across Rowley Street, which has a posted speed limit of 65 km/h, as a police cruiser blocks traffic.

The mother bear would pick up one cub with her mouth and carry it to a grassy area, only to have another scamper back into the road.

Police thanked motorists for being patient and keeping the bears safe, using the video as a springtime warning to drivers.

"The weather is getting nicer and the wildlife is coming out to play! Please use caution while driving and avoid interacting with these animals," the department warned.

Police weather warning must have reminded all that whether the weather is nice or not, a mother is always ready to weather all storms for her children.

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