UAE's successful handling of COVID-19 is an example for the world: Official - GulfToday

UAE's successful handling of COVID-19 is an example for the world: Official


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The UAE’s success in facing the pandemic was driven by the vision of its wise leadership, who developed strategies, launched initiatives, and directed the concerned establishments and departments to play their national and humanitarian role, authorities said during weekly briefing on virus situation in the country.

“This presented a great example to the whole world for managing a crisis of this size. Volunteering is one of the most prominent indicators a community’s unity,” said Mona Khalil, Director of the Government Communication Department at the Ministry of Community Development.

Khalil said they noticed high level of awareness and self-commitment from individuals, entities and volunteers contributing to social initiatives that will relieve the rest of society and accelerate the process of recovery and the return to normal life.

“During COVID-19, the UAE society faced many changes. social distancing and quarantine are among the most important precautionary measures that caused a change in the behaviour of individuals and society and increased family and community solidarity,” she said during the briefing.

During the briefing authorities praised residents and citizens for conducting virtual and party-less weddings, where joy was not compromised, and the UAE traditions were practice while still following precautionary measures.

“These virtual weddings followed preventive measures, preserved the health of the family, and elevated the financial burden.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic emphasised the importance of the collaboration of community & government efforts by changing some social habits in order to maintain the health and safety of all members of society.”

Khalil said that the UAE places great importance to society happiness especially during the pandemic while following a wide range of proactive measures to protect the health of community members & maintain the quality of services.

In addition to securing the highest levels of social and economic stability for all, which contributed to the state of calm and security within the community throughout this period.

Khalil said that the UAE launched the National Home Testing Programme for People of Determination, and provided free tests for elderly citizens and residents.

In addition to moral and psychological support programmes has been established to overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic & provide them with vaccination in their homes.

“The importance placed in community happiness during the COVID-19 crisis is not limited to Economy, health and services, It also includes psychological and communal support through campaigns and programs that work to spread positivity.”

Khalil concluded by saying these programmes also provide instructions that help ease social distancing and overcome the challenges of the crisis.

“The current period is a unique one in which we should cooperate and collaborate. This crisis will pass and humanity will survive, but our actions and decisions will leave their mark on our policies, economies, culture, and our lives.”

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