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VIDEO: Vigilant cop saves woman from falling under the wheels of train in India


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 Syed Shayaan Bakht, Staff Reporter
In a bone-chilling incident, a woman was rescued by a Railway Protection Force (RPF) constable falling under the wheels of a train leaving a station in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The incident took place on March 22 in Indian city of Wardha.

A woman identified as Vandana Dongre, 40, a resident of Wardha, had come to the station to see off her daughter who was proceeding to Pune in S-3 coach of train No. 02036 Nagpur –Pune express.

The 40-year-old lady along with her daughter also boarded the train. Incidentally, the train started.

The woman panicked and tried to get off the moving train but lost her balance. It was then a RPF constable Nilesh Pinjarkar, who was on duty swung into action.

He ran towards the lady and rescued her from falling under the wheels.

The swift action and presence of mind of the constable have been praised.

Recently, a student of a Mumbai college was rescued from the railway tracks. The student, Poonam Sadashiv Shewale was who was travelling by Hyderabad Express, tried to get off at Thane station. Poonam was on her way back from Pune.

While alighting from the train, she lost her balance and fell on to the tracks.

A police constable, Raghunath Bajirao Kawale found her lying between the train and the tracks.

Raghunath told media, “When I reached the platform to board the express train, I heard people screaming that a woman had fallen on the tracks. Without wasting time, I jumped on the tracks and found her lying under the train. She was breathing.”

In India, several people die often on railway tracks and unmanned crossings. The government has been ramping up efforts to close such level crossings to avoid further accidents.

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