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Asian duo booked for stealing Dhs10,000 from tip box of a Dubai restaurant


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Public Prosecution referred an Asian cook and worker, aged 35 and 41, to criminal court for breaking into an international restaurant’s tip box and stealing Dhs10,000 from it.

Details of the case date back to last January when the regional manager of the restaurant noticed that Dhs10,000 were missing from the tip box.

The money in the tip box is usually equally distributed among workers.

He testified that the money in the tip box was counted before the robbery incident and found to be around Dhs75,000.

A week later, the money was missing Dhs10,000.

When surveillance cameras were reviewed, the first defendant was seen approaching the box and using a piece of cloth to cover it, then take it to the washroom where the second defendant waited.

They stole the money and returned the tip box in it’s original place, then left the restaurant.

Police were alerted with the robbery and the manager submitted the camera footage to be used as evidence.

Both defendants were placed under arrest and prosecuted after confessing to their crime.

Jail The photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

Last year, an Asian cook, 36, was arrested for robbing gold worth Dhs700,000 from the house of a local football player in Dubai.

The victim was alerted with the sudden disappearance of two gold watches and a bracelet from his bedroom safe. All suspicion fell on the cook as he was the only one who had access to the bedroom to take care of the laundry.

The victim tried to control the situation without referring to the police, in consideration for the good relationship between him and the cook.

He directly asked the cook about the stolen items, but the defendant insisted that he did not steal anything.

The victim then reported the incident to the police, and matched his fingerprints to find out the truth. Eventually, the cook confessed to his crime and claimed that he threw the safe into the garbage when he failed to open it.

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