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VIDEO: Abu Dhabi Police save woman from being blackmailed through social media


The victim (face blurred to protect her identity) speaks to police officials.

Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi Police has recently posted a video presenting the story of a victim of blackmail, who met a man through social media platforms and fell victim to his blackmailing.

The victim stated that their relationship has evolved, and the suspect began to threaten her with private pictures and videos in order to obtain financial benefits.

The blackmailing reached to death threats  for the victim, in case she desired to end the relationship or report to police.

“The relationship with my family began to be complicated, I became an introvert, and I was in a poor mental state that lead to my absence from work,” the victim said in the video.

The victim thanked Abu Dhabi Police‘s Social Support Centre for dealing with the incident with full professionalism and absolute secrecy.

Referring to their awareness campaign ‘Be Careful’, the Abu Dhabi Police urged families to protect their members from online blackmailing, in which people impersonate female identities and lure girls to send their private photos to be used as a blackmailing method.

Police also revealed that reasons behind blackmailing incidents are due to misusing  social media platforms, the absence of families and presence of a bad company which influence victims of blackmail.

Families were urged to keep an open eye for teenagers and raise their awareness to not accept random people on social media, and not to be afraid to share if they are being threatened or assaulted by anyone.

Police mentioned that the UAE Federal Law No. 5 of 2012, Article No. 16 point out that those who blackmail or threaten a victim through the internet or social media will be sentenced to not less than 2 years in jail, and a minimum fine Dhs250,000 and maximum fine of Dhs500,000.

Those who threaten to commit indecent behaviors, or in a manner that is contrary to a female dignity and honor will face a minimum jail-term of 10 years.

Last but not least, Abu Dhabi Police pointed out their communication channel ‘Aman service’ which deal with blackmailing incidents and available round-the-clock with full secrecy to victim’s situations. Victims can contact the toll-number 8002626 (AMAN2626), or through text messages on (2828), and the email ( or via the Abu Dhabi Police’s smart application.

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