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VIDEO: Alert bystander saves Kerala man from falling off balcony in nick of time


A combo image shows bystanders are rescuing the man.

Syed Shayaan Bakht, Gulf Today

In a rare incident, a man narrowly escaped death in Kerala after alert bystanders rescued him from falling off a balcony.

The incident took place in Kozhikode’s Kerala Bank Edodi branch. It is located several storeys above the ground floor.

A CCTV footage circulating on social media captured the moment.  

The video clip shows the man leaning against a railing outside the bank. Within a few seconds, the man is seen losing balance and falls backwards.

But thanks to a bystander who realised there was something wrong with the man next to him he immediately caught the man by his legs.

Others rushed to the scene to assist the man in pulling up the person who fainted hanging upside down from the balcony.

Eventually, he was rescued and given medical assistance.  

The first rescuer has been identified as Thayyil Mittal Baburaj whose presence of mind and reflex helped the man survive the deadly incident.

Local media identified the man who was rescued as Binu.

Social media have praised Baburaj for the quick response.

A Twitter user, Sandhya, wrote, “Need to install grilles or raise the height of the wall. This is so dangerous, people casually leaning on the wall can also fall.”

Rajan Venkateswaran said, “The guy had the presence of mind to catch him by the leg. Just imagine if he had caught him by his veshti instead…”

Manaswini said, “He is lucky. Incredible response by the person to save him…”

Sai Siva Prasad said, “The survivor is indebted to the saviour for a lifetime. Kudos for the strong and quick reflexes…”

Padma Pillai said, “Appreciate the person's presence of mind and quick reflexes.”

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