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Dubai Police arrest gang involved in Dhs1.7 million robbery


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Sumayya Saad, Staff Reporter

The criminal investigation team at Naif Police Station arrested a gang involved in stealing Dhs1.7 million from a general trading company without any break-in traces, Brigadier Dr Tariq Tahlak, director of the station, revealed.

The company filed a complaint about the theft, adding that no person could enter the company except for the employees through a code for the main door, he said.

As soon as the complaint was received, a work team was formed to investigate the theft and check the recordings of the company’s surveillance cameras.

It was found that the thief was an Asian employee who had been dismissed from work and sought the help of 10 people of different nationalities by persuading them that large amounts of money could be stolen if they entered the company through him.  

The thief could persuade the main door security to let him in order to ask the employer to return to work again due to family conditions and his failure to find a job opportunity.

As soon as he entered, however, he left the door behind him open to enable the people he agreed with to enter and immediately tie the employees in the company with ropes and take their mobile phones.

Then they threatened the person in charge of the treasury and forced him to open it to seize the money and fled.

When the company’s owner came to know about the theft he filed a complaint with the police.

Tahlak explained that the suspects were arrested and a large sum of the stolen money was returned to the company’s owner in collaboration with the Criminal Investigations Department, General Department of Forensic Science and Criminology and the Naif Police Station’s security team.

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