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VIDEO: Horse collides with a car in Lebanon

A combo image shows the collision between horse and the car.

Gulf Today Report

In a tragic incident, a wild horse on the run collided with a car in Lebanon.   

A video clip circulating in social media showed the horse seemed to be out of control collided with a moving car and feel on the ground.

The traffic came to a screeching halt.

According to local media, the horse sustained moderate injuries, while the car was severely damaged.

After a few seconds after the accident, the horse stood up and then continued to march, but slowly.

It is belived that the accident happened on Friday.

Sources associated with the incident revealed that the accident occurred between the towns of Siblin and Ketermaya, in the Choufia region of Kharroub region in Mount Lebanon Governorate.

Social media users have shared their dismay over the injured horse.

A call has been made to find the appropriate place for the animal.

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