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China is selling Trump Buddha statues with tagline ‘make your company great again’


A Trump Buddha statue displayed on Taobao website.

A Chinese artist has seized the opportunity to satirise his country’s relations with former president Donald Trump by recreating his likeness in a spiritual manner.

Trump Buddha “knows Buddhism better than anyone” and has the ability to “make your company great again,” the description promises. The ceramic figure is depicted looking more peaceful than Americans might be used to, sat cross-legged with its eyes closed.

The original artwork stands at 14ft in height, but smaller copies of it that are a few inches tall are available for at Chinese retailer Taobao for £108. The site reports that dozens have already been sold, and it has been featured as a trending item ever since.

One buyer told the state-run Global Times outlet that they bought to the statue as a reminder: “Don’t be too Trump”.

China-Trump-1 Artist Hong Jishi created the piece.

When asked about his motivations for creating the piece, artist Hong Jishi said: “Trump is successful any way you look at it, yet he’s still fixated on little things, always causing ruckus. But this figure is very peaceful. This and Trump’s personality are the extreme opposites. I think the juxtaposition is particularly interesting. It’s a collision”.

Traditionally a furniture designer, Hong explained that the statue was intended to be a play on one of China’s many nicknames for the former president – King of Knowing Everything.

News of the statue’s existence was picked up by supporters and critics alike. Infamously right-wing talking head Ian Miles Cheong was one of the first to do so.

Cheong wrote on Twitter, “China now sells statues of Trump Buddha.”

Kimberly Alice said, “Ummmm.... Peace and tranquility is not what comes to mind when I think about Trump.”

The statues so far largely appear to be faring better than some of the others made in Trump’s likeness.

Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks in San Antonio, Texas have removed his waxwork because too many people are punching – yes, punching – the display.

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