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Horse-riding programme to make women industrious


Chairman and Founder of Cardiff Management Consultants Dr Amal Al Ali speaks at the event.

Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

Using horse-riding, the Emirati entrepreneur Dr Amal Al Ali, Chairman and Founder of Cardiff Management Consultants, has created a unique motivational programme to help develop young women’s skills and open their eyes to setting new life strategies.

The programme focuses on women of different age and provides necessary support to lift their spirit into achieving their dreams and goals by setting plans and strategies to ease the process.

“Horses are very gentle and smart creatures that need to form a special bond with humans in order to show their full potentials and compassion; so participants can learn a lot about expressing oneself and reaching success through building a relationship with such a sensitive animal,” Dr. Amal said.


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Through the training programme, young women learn to let go of the negative beliefs that can limit them from achieving their goals, as well as learn to solve problems to reach happiness or to a ‘career success’.

Dr. Amal pointed out that the life-coaching knowledge was actually embedded in the Arab culture’s past, ever since they used and communicated with horses to acquire new approaches and learn human and moral life skills.

“The trainer is not considered to be a therapist, but a mentor that guide participants to the right direction and help them discover techniques of understanding oneself,” Dr. Amal added. Additionally, the programme works on developing self-awareness and increase confidence and self-esteem.

Hoping to widen the scope of such innovation and idea-stimulating programme, Dr. Amal is setting plans to integrate larger age categories as well as open the programme for male participants who will definitely add new approaches to the program’s success across UAE.

“Last but not least, various motivational programmes are also being organised for women to share personal experiences with each other and help learn from one another, in order to reach their inner-power and stand out among their peers,” Dr. Amal mentioned.

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