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Arab man detained for blackmailing a woman in Dubai


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter


Brigadier Saeed Hamad Bin Salman, Director of Al Rashidiya Police Station, revealed that investigation teams has successfully placed an Arab man under arrest for blackmailing an Emirati woman through social media platforms.


“The suspect had used the victim’s personal pictures to blackmail her to force her to get in a relationship with him,” said Bin Salman.


Apparently, the two got in touch with each other through social media platforms, and had agreed to be in a relationship after the suspect had lied about his nationality and pretended to be an Emirati.


The suspect used his ability to speak in Emirati accent fluently, and lied about working in a government facility to trap the victim into falling in love with him.


After gaining her trust, he gradually asked her to send pictures of her, and pretended to be in need of money every now and then, using her kindness in wanting to help the man who gave her false promises of marriage.


As the victim began to feel suspicious about him, the suspect instantly used his blackmailing methods to threaten her with the pictures he has through WhatsApp.


However, the courageous victim did not hesitate to file a police report against him, and accordingly provided police with evidence of all that transpired between them.


Police teams immediately initiated intensive investigations to find out the true identity of the suspect, and found out that he was an unemployed Arab who was living in the country for years.


The suspect was successfully apprehended and prosecuted on blackmailing charges.


Bin Salman also mentioned that 17 online police reports were filed by victims since the beginning of 2021 and until today.


He finally urged members of the community not to hesitate in filing blackmailing reports, and confirmed that such reports remain confidential at all cost.


He also warned individuals not to trust strangers who might introduce a false image about them through social media platforms, nor provide any personal information or private pictures that may be used for blackmailing.

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