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Arab man slits girlfriend’s throat for breaking up with him in Dubai


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter


A 36-year-old Arab man was imprisoned and prosecuted on murder charges for stabbing his girlfriend to death for wanting to end their relationship.


The incident took place last July, when the defendant decided to take revenge and stalked his girlfriend until he restrained and slit her throat, then brutally ripped her guts out.


The building’s security guard, where the victim lived, was alerted with an ongoing fight near the staircase, and as he rushed to the scene, he found a pool of blood on the ground.


The staircase door was hard to open so the guard headed to the above floor only to see the victim dead.


The incident was reported to police, who began to collect evidence to reveal the identity of the killer.


Surveillance cameras and evidence indicated that the defendant was the one who killed her, and he was immediately arrested.


The defendant confessed to his crime and testified that he was involved in a relationship with the victim since 2017.


He claimed that the relationship ended after he found out that his girlfriend had created a Tender account and began to know other men.


Not being able to let go of his love, the defendant constantly stalked the victim until she left the country to get rid of him.


Two years after, the defendant learned that the victim has come back to Dubai, and tried to contact her again to get back together.


Eventually, she agreed, but randomly asked to borrow Dhs55,000. After losing his job for spending all his time in searching for her, the defendant had only Dhs30,000 and decided to lend it to the victim.


A couple of months later, the defendant discovered his girlfriend’s Tender account and relationship with other men, and the situation began to escalate between them until it ended with her death.


The defendant fled to hide at his friend’s house until his whereabouts was known by police.


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