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Restaurant shut for violating safety rules


Abu Dhabi authorities have shut down the restaurant.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority issued a decision to close the Amina Restaurant on the back of violating Law No. 2 for 2008 and the legislation issued pursuant to it.

The authority explained that the food control report stated that the closure decision was taken as a result of the facility being repeatedly fined for violating health and food safety requirements. These included the low level of hygiene in all food handling and preservation places, detection of foodstuffs without an expiry date and other practices harmful to safety and health.

As many as three fines and two warnings were issued against the facility, the authority said, noting that a food poisoning case was detected during the issuance of these fines.

The authority confirmed that the facility would be allowed to practise its activity again only after it had met all the necessary hygienic requirements.

Stressing that all establishments are subject to regular inspection by its inspectors, the authority called on the public to contact it and report any violations that they detect in any food facility on the Government of Abu Dhabi’s toll-free number 800555.

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