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Arab trio jailed, fined for robbing car batteries in Dubai


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter


Dubai Criminal Court prosecuted three Arab men on robbery charges and sentenced them to 3 months in jail and fined Dhs700 each.


All three will be deported after serving their sentence.


During last July, the three-men gang planned to rob a truck of two batteries, using their friend’s borrowed car.


The manager of the company that owns the truck had discovered the robbery and reported the incident to police.


Police investigations revealed that the robbery was done by three defendants who used a Lexus car to transport the stolen batteries.


When the Lexus owner was identified and asked about the robbery incident, he denied being a part of it and claimed that his three friends, the defendants, had borrowed his vehicle on the day of the robbery.


One of the defendants who is a runaway, had asked to borrow the Lexus when he was at a hotel party with the owner.


When the car was returned, the owner noticed the stolen batteries in the trunk, but automatically thought they belong to one of the defendants who deals in selling car spare parts.


Two of the defendants were arrested, while the third is still a runaway, and they were all prosecuted on robbery charges.


One of the defendants confessed to stealing the batteries and using his friend’s vehicle to transport and sell them in another Emirate’s industrial areas.


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