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Being a woman in the ‘new normal’ is really challenging


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Mariecar Jara-Puyod, Senior Reporter

It is International Women’s Day today. Let us express our gratitude to everyone across the globe who have either toiled or effortlessly promote for women’s emancipation and partnerships in all fronts since the 1900s.

The saga continues and 15 women share their views on how is it to be a woman of and in the ‘new normal.’ Women are learning through all aspects of life. Life is indeed a learning experience.

Philippine Ambassador to the UAE Hjayceelyn M. Quintana: “I hope to see more women policy and decision-makers in the ‘new normal.’ Women’s practical instincts, caring attitude, and profound insights are needed employing quick and effective action in the new and ever-changing circumstances we live in.”

Ayesha Ahmed Almarzooki, Emirati, Abu Dhabi School of Management Master of Science in Business Analytics student: “The last year was tough for everyone especially for us women. It is our nature to try to be perfect in all aspects. So being a woman in the ‘new normal’ is really challenging due to the added responsibilities.”

Katrina McNair, American, Gems Education Network-Science Curriculum Lead/Grade 8 Science teacher: “As a woman in the ‘new normal,’ I have learnt to slow down and realised that many things I thought were ‘normal,’ were actually gifts and privileges.”

Lucy Chow, Canadian, World Business-Global Women Leaders Committee secretary general: “The strong performance of women-led nations during 2020 shone a spotlight on how quickly our world can and should change. Women from diverse backgrounds will have increased access to leadership roles.”

Rachel Sacerdoti, Italian, It’s So Simple founder/fitness coach: “Busy! The last year saw me being a mother, wife, daughter, friend, coach, founder, employer, and teacher. Lots of hats to wear, only one head to wear them on.”

Dr. Djonde Frega A. Antiado, Filipino, Southville International Schools & Colleges-Ras Al Khaimah Campus Registrar and Admissions head/educator: “In God let us put our trust. We can evolve and adapt to the ‘new normal’ with positivity!”

Sumin Lee, Korean Trade Investment Promotion Agency senior manager: “In the Era of Digital Transformation, the criterion that distinguishes human beings from automation will be empathy..”

Chetna Buxani Shastri, Indian, educator/entrepreneur: “Being a woman in the ‘new normal’ is about adapting. But, sticking to your core roots. It is about starting every single day with a fresh perspective and ending each day with gratitude.”

Diana Szyszka Pompei, Canadian Business Council of Dubai & The Northern Emirates executive director: “My first thoughts are that ‘new normal’ is a misused term. Women (or men for that matter) are versatile and like the Phoenix rise up to new beginnings.”

Aster DM Healthcare Deputy Managing Director Alisha Moopen: “The pandemic has disrupted our routine and pushed us out of our comfort zones to do things that we probably did not expect. This breaking out leads to an environment of learning..”

Gayle Guerra, Filipino, Southville International Schools & Colleges-Ras Al Khaimah Campus Human Resources officer: “‘New normal’ might be overwhelming but we are adaptive and more flexible than we think. Focus on the present.”

Renu Sarah Thomas, Indian, Art psychotherapist: “I feel empowered as a creative because this is a time of possibilities. We need to reinvent and/or reframe the way we work and function.”

Katrina Klothilde MacDonald, Canadian, Doctify (Healthcare Review Platform) Partnerships manager: “My experience as a woman in recent months has made me introspective about the reality of time and everything tied to it: a meaningful career, relationships, and life goals.”

Elena Gramatica, Italian, Twister Communications managing partner: “Women are resilient and strong enough to overcome the most difficult times. Women are also very patient during the pandemic.”

Dr. Amal Ibrahim, Emirati, Creative Art teacher/entrepreneur: “Time management is on demand these days. The working woman should be able to balance her distance work with her parental duties. The widespread use of the virtual requires the mastery of skills in computing and the use of many software apps, in many aspects of day-to-day life and business.”

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