African woman plots robbery with gang to mug her fiancé of Dhs150,000 in Dubai - GulfToday

African woman plots robbery with gang to mug her fiancé of Dhs150,000 in Dubai


The photo has been used for illustrative purpose.

Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter


A four-member African gang was arrested and referred to criminal court for mugging a man of over Dhs150,000 with the help of his fiancé in Dubai.


The incident took place during last October, when an African manager, the victim, filed a robbery report claiming that he was attacked and beaten up by a gang while being with his fiancé inside his apartment.


At the day of the robbery, the victim was alerted by the door bell and opened it to find three of the defendants barging inside the house.


They tied him up and began beating him and his fiancé brutally and threatened to stab him with a knife if he did not open the money safe.


Being afraid for his life, the victim opened the safe and the gang took Dhs150,000, $800 and his passport from it.


After defendants fled the place, the victim’s fiancé untied him and the incident was immediately reported to police.


Police investigation revealed that the fiancé was an accomplice of the robbery plan as she was the one who informed the gang about the victim’s possession of a large amount of money.


The third defendant and the fiancé are now runaways, while the first two defendant were arrested and prosecuted by Dubai courts.


The first defendant testified to getting only Dhs7,000 of the robbery money, while the second defendant received Dhs30,000.

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