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European Union seeks US produced AstraZeneca vaccines


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The European Union urges the United States to approve the export of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine as it races to tackle supply shortage, said Financial Times.

Additionally, the EU wants Washington to allow the free flow of shipments of crucial vaccine ingredients needed in European production.

"We trust that we can work together with the US to ensure that vaccines produced or bottled in the US for the fulfilment of vaccine producers' contractual obligations with the EU will be fully honoured,” the European Commission said.

EU countries started their vaccination drive at the end of December but the pace has been slow compared to Britain and the United States. 


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According to officials, the vaccination progress has been slow due to supply problems with manufacturers.

AstraZeneca is facing criticism due to delays of vaccine to the EU, which ordered 300 million doses by the end of June.

"We are working 24/7 to improve delivery and hopefully catch up to the expectations for Q2," AstraZeneca's CEO Pascal Soriot told EU lawmakers in a public hearing in February.

The EU is also planning to extend its export authorisation scheme for COVID-19 vaccines to the end of June, two EU sources said.


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