Over 61 per cent elders among the 46 per cent vaccinated in the UAE - GulfToday

Over 61 per cent elders among the 46 per cent vaccinated in the UAE


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The UAE health experts said that there is a gradual decrease in coronavirus cases in the UAE.

Dr Farida Al Hosani, Spokesperson for the UAE Health Sector said, “Today we are witnessing a gradual decrease in the number of cases. This is a positive indicator, achieved through the implementation of all national protocols and precautionary measures and proactively providing vaccines to all members of society."

The UAE was able to provide more than 6 million doses to date and to provide the vaccine to 3,614,070 people, completing 46.61% of the target category.

The vaccine has been provided to 61.41% of elderly people, the current targeted category.

The UAE continues its testing method aimed at early detection to limit the spread of the virus by conducting intensive test for different groups of the society, as the total number of tests surpassed 31 million.

Relative to the total population, the UAE is at the forefront of all countries that conducted COVID-19 tests.

The infection rate total tests are among the lowest regionally and globally. This is due to the effectiveness of the measures taken, and the use of latest medical testing techniques.


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