VIDEO: Child running away from stray dogs hit by a van in Egypt, dies - GulfToday

VIDEO: Child running away from stray dogs hit by a van in Egypt, dies

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A combo image shows the minivan hitting the child in El Badrashein, Egypt.

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A child was run over by a minivan in El Badrashein, Egypt. The tragedy took place when the child was trying to escape from the clutches of stray dogs.

Giza Security Directorate received information from El Badrashein Central Hospital about a child with multiple life-threatening injuries.

The child died later in the hospital.


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A security force went to examine the report and a team examined the CCTV footage of the incident.

The preliminary investigation revealed that during the escape from stray dogs chasing a group of children, one of them was hit by the van, which led to his death.

The security forces arrested the driver of the car. The driver said that he was surprised by the sudden appearance of a child in front of the vehicle and was unable to avoid him or stop the car, and unfortunately ran him over.

In November 2020, seven people have lost their lives in a terrible traffic accident that took place at a traffic intersection at El Badrashein Center, south of Giza.

The blood-splattered crash site presented a gory sight. Eleven others sustained injuries.

Surveillance cameras showed a small van travelling at high speed, carrying a group of children on their way to the Azhari Institute in Badrashein, colliding with a Suzuki car at the crossing.

A garbage truck was next to the Suzuki car, which found itself sandwiched between the high-speed minibus and the truck.

Residents and passers by were shocked by the horror of the crash.

Preliminary investigation showed that the Suzuki driver slowed down so that the minibus could pass the intersection. But the speeding bus hit the car.

Authorities have urged members of the public to adhere to traffic rules and remain cautious at traffic intersections.


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