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Wife tries to kiss husband while he is on video call


A screengrab the of the wife trying to kiss husband while he is on video call.

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The coronavirus pandemic has brought virtual conferences to the home – and in big measure. It has also highlighted some embarrassing moments for the participants during these video calls.

One girl from India forgot to switch off her microphone, spilling over all her intimate feelings to her friend about a guy for voyeuristic pleasure – of the audio kind, that is.

Another man, a lawyer, found himself looking like a moggie on the cameras, because the cat filter was not turned off.

In a new incident, a woman tries to smooch her husband during his Zoom call meeting. The incident went viral on social media. Industrialist Harsh Goenka tweeted the video on his timeline with the caption, "Zoom callso funny."

According to a report in a section of the Indian media, a man was busy discussing crucial issues during a Zoom call meeting. His wife arrived in the room in the meantime and bent over to kiss him. But the man dodged and signalled towards his laptop. All she did was smile.

Anand Mahindra enjoyed the video and said, "Haha. I nominate the lady as the Wife of the Year. And if the husband had been more indulgent and flattered, I would have nominated them for Couple of the Year but he forfeited that because of his grouchiness!"

Netizens were however, ready with their reactions.

"Some mechanical husbands are averse to enjoy sweet moments to remember and recollect," a user said.

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