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Over 44% of the UAE population vaccinated


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter


The Ministry of Health and Prevention succeeded in providing the vaccine to 3,480,415 residents, which is 44.89% of the target.


The vaccine was also given to 57.66% of residents over 60 years old.


More than five million doses were provided, specifically 5,668,264, with a distribution rate of 57.31 per 100 people, while the number of tests exceeded more than 29 million.


The health authorities said, “When the majority of the population becomes immune to an infectious disease, indirect protection for people in the community who are not immune to this disease will be provided due to the limited spread of the disease.”


Officials said community immunity is part of the indirect protection phases from an infectious disease and it occurs when a large proportion of the society acquires immunity to a specific infection, such as vaccinating.


The ministry said, “We confirm the effectiveness and safety of the vaccines that were approved in the country, especially for the elderly and people with chronic diseases, so we advise and encourage everyone to take the vaccine, as it is our safe way to recovery.”


Health specialists have reviewed and updated the procedures for discharge/ deisolation of people with COVID-19, or their contacts, which includes enforcing home quarantine for 10 consecutive days for those who have been in contact, even with a negative PCR result.


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