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Sharjah Airport clarifies smoke from engine was from Turkish cargo plane


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

Sharjah authorities have refuted the rumours swirling around smoke from one of the engines of its fleet at Sharjah Airport.  

The airport officials said that the minor incident was reported from a Turkish jet.

In an official statement, the authorities said, “The Department of Civil Aviation in Sharjah confirmed that what was circulated about smoke from one of the engines of an aircraft in the airspace of Sharjah belongs to a Turkish cargo plane that suffered a slight malfunction two minutes after it took off and was repaired by the pilot on its way, to continue its destination and land in Istanbul safely without any damage.”

On the other hand, Sharjah has updated the procedures and requirements for traveling through Sharjah Airport.

Travel is now permitted for all citizens and residents through Sharjah Airport to or from any destination in accordance with the procedures of respective countries of origin.

Travellers are fully responsible for their actions and they must assess the epidemiological or Covid-19 situation of the countries they are planning to visit.

Both tourists and residents must ensure that they have adequate health insurance that covers all costs of treatment and isolation until the results of their PCR medical test arrive.

All travellers to Sharjah must have a negative PCR test report, conducted not more than 96 hours earlier, before arriving at Sharjah Airport.

Travellers will have to undergo another PCR test upon arrival at Sharjah Airport regardless of their earlier negative report.

All incoming travelers must subject themselves to self-quarantine at their residence until the results of their PCR test are confirmed.

In case the result is negative, they are entitled to move, if the result is positive, the travelers concerned will have to undergo home/health quarantine up to a period stipulated by the UAE Ministry of Health and Community Protection.

In case of a positive case of PCR test, the period of medical isolation is 14 days, with travelers or their sponsors bearing the expenses of treatment and isolation. In the event of non-compliance of quarantine restrictions, they will be liable to strict legal action and penalties.

This policy will be reviewed to align with the general situation whenever the need arises.

Procedures and requirements for the return of residents to UAE through Sharjah Airport (residencies issued by the UAE)

All the residents are allowed to enter the country through Sharjah Airport without obtaining prior approvals.

All travelers will have to undergo another PCR test upon arrival to the borders of the emirate.

It is mandatory for all travelers to undergo a PCR test with a negative result not more than 96 hours before traveling.

Any traveler with positive results will have to isolate and medicate at their own or their sponsors expenses.

Travelers are required to download ALHOSN app.

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