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VIDEO: Peru police officer lets off woman who broke coronavirus rules – with a kiss

The policeman was captured in the intimate moment.

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In some countries, particularly developing nations, people get away with breach of rules because they know how to nobble the lawkeepers. Bribing a policeman is second nature to a lot of them. But what happens when, during the time of the pandemic, a kiss is given in exchange for freedom?

This is exactly what happened in Peru, when a woman was fined by a police officer for violating coronavirus rules.

According to a report in a section of the Indian media, the police officer was caught on camera for letting go a woman who broke virus regulations, in return for a kiss on the lips.

The incident happened in Miraflores Boardwalk in the capital Lima.

In the video, the officer and the woman can be seen standing between two parked cars on the roadside. It appears that the officer is trying to note down the details of the woman to penalise her for breaking health safety regulations due to the virus.

The policeman is seen issuing a fine to the lady.

Meanwhile, she tries to persuade him not to fine her – in return for a kiss. Moments later, the two are seen in a liplock.

Clearly, the woman had honed seduction to a fine art. But yielding to the charms of provocative passion comes with a price. After a local TV aired footage of the cop mashing lips with the offender, the angry authorities immediately placed the officer under suspension.

The woman tries to snuggle up to the policeman.

“Our mayor Luis Molina has taken the decision to suspend this officer immediately… There are several infringements. The young woman disrespects  social distancing rules and he allows it… Then he takes off his mask to give her a kiss…

The woman tries to charm the policeman.

“This action by itself is a very serious one and that’s why he’s been suspended,” a report by the Daily Mail quoted district citizen security in charge Ibero Rodriguez as saying.

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