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Two arrested in Abu Dhabi for showing positive COVID-19 result on video

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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Public Prosecution in Abu Dhabi has ordered the detention of two young men pending an investigation into charges of endangering the health of others and violating the preventive measures to limit the spread of COVID-19.

The action was taken after a video clip in which a defendant appears wandering in a public place and shows a positive COVID-19 result on his mobile phone, while the second accused film him and posts the video on social media.

Abu Dhabi Prosecution monitored the video clip on social media, identified the defendants and issued an order to arrest them.

The Public Prosecution in Abu Dhabi confirmed it will deal firmly with every action that results in breach of coronavirus rules.

Abu-Dhabi-Court A view of Abu Dhabi court.

Noting the importance of the commitment and cooperation of all segments of society with the instructions issued by the competent authorities will preserve the safety of the society and the health of its members.

The police added, “Every person found to be infected with the virus or in contact with an infected person must fully adhere to all instructions and procedures to avoid penalties.”

The Public Prosecution office explained that Article 33 of Federal Law No. 14 of 2014 in the matter of controlling communicable diseases states that when the person is known to have a disease listed in Table No. (1) attached to this law, which includes the emerging coronavirus, they must adhere to preventive measures to prevent the transmission of infection to others.

Article 38 of the same law stipulates that anyone who violates any of the provisions of Article 33 of this law shall be punished with imprisonment and a fine of not less than Dhs10,000 and not exceeding Dhs50,000.

Article 348 of the Federal Penal Code states imprisonment and a fine or either of these two penalties for anyone who intentionally commits an act that endangers people's lives, security, or freedom.

The penalty shall be detention if the act results in harm whatsoever, without prejudice to any more severe penalty stated by the law.

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