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People feel power of love, care can defeat virus


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Mariecar Jara-Puyod, Senior Reporter

Millennials may no longer relate to the slumbook. That which is either personalised or commercially bought “little book” wherein cousins and dear friends, aside from filling up the blanks about who they are, also carefully ponder on and write about “what is love” and “have you been in love.”

Santa Claus gifted me one thick glossy white spiral slumbook/autograph book when I was in my intermediate years. My classmates and subdivision friends — even the boys — were thrilled when I presented to them the reserved pages for each.

I remember those days and COVID19-wise, adapting to modernity, glided down through my Messenger and popped the question: “Is it weird to celebrate Valentine’s Day through this pandemic?”

Jenny Gonzales: “We can celebrate by way of the social media. We must all remember that even before this so-called advance technology in communication, we wrote our love messages and sent these by mail. What is important is to adhere to the health and safety guidelines for our hearts’ sake.”

Patty Cocson: “Valentine’s Day should not and cannot be affected by the pandemic because it is a celebration of happy hearts. It can be uplifting to the lonely, sickly, and even the healthy.”

Maritess Busser: “We do not celebrate Hearts Day. But always remember that the love we have is because God loves us and He loved us first so we can love each other. We are celebrating by giving thanks to the Author of Love: God.”

Paul Ramos: “The day reminds us to appreciate more those we love and care for. I don’t think COVID-19 can stop the Power of Love.”

Mildred Cruz: “Everyday is Love Day. Just as how God shows His love at all times to each of us. We can make it simple but the sweetest as a cake we bake for our loved ones.”

Linda Climaco: “I feel uneasy celebrating Valentine’s Day this year because with the pandemic, just imagine we cannot even hold hands with our spouses. There is also the social distancing. So weird.”

Bliss: “It isn’t odd at all. It’s a special day to celebrate love in various manifestations: Love for family, for a special someone, for fellowmen, and above all, Love for God. Love has, is, and will always be here.”

Rony Aquino: “It is not weird to celebrate. The pandemic made us all realise to be more responsible and how important it is to care and take care of each other. We all wish everyone’s safety.”

Barbara Jean Alunan: “Life is precious. The pandemic has made us realise that even more. The reason for a Valentine’s Day celebration.”

Michaelangelo Dakudao, single yet satisfied: “Love will always be in the air when it’s Valentine’s Day. That is with or without COVID-19.”

Bablou V. Barbero: “Valentine’s Day has always been a regular day for me. So I would be home either watching TV or listening to music.”

Joel Foronda: “Order a favourite food of your partner with a bouquet of flowers. Dine together and let your everlasting love for each other flow.”

Beng Sapian: “Expressions of love are always felt in the heart regardless. We call that sincere love.”

Nerissa Lou, The Westminster School Dubai Special educator: “Safety protocols should be adhered to at all times keeping in mind the safety of everyone celebrating the day.”

Rachel Salinel, freelance broadcast journalist in Dubai: “The most important is to enjoy the day with your special someone. We plan to celebrate it at home where it is safer.”

On the other hand, Emirates Specialty Hospital (Dubai Healthcare City) Internal Medicine specialist Dr. Lalit M. Uchil believes observing and celebrating this special day is very positive, owing to the difficulties everyone all over the world is in that “anything that brings back a semblance of normalcy with a touch of romance is welcome.”

His fellow Internal Medicine specialist at Prime Medical Centre (Zero 6 Mall, Sharjah) Dr Sameh Algouhari reminds us of the safety protocols and suggests the virtual meetings for those far from one another and the outdoors with proper social distancing as well as masking for those able to be together physically: “Always remember, better safe than sorry.” Ibn Sina Medical Centre (Ajman) marketing manager Manu Lal has made a comparison, saying that this year’s pre-Valentine’s Day is with “streets empty and many ships closed, it is most appropriate to “spread love than COVID-19 by staying home, gathering online than outside.”

Prime Healthcare Group Digital Marketing executive Mohamed Aaqib Mohideen echoes Lal’s and Algouhari’s views, claiming that for “everyone’s well-being, (the best decision) is to stay safe!”

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